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  1. Sakra-RS Official Price Guide For the time being, there are not many prices set for any items, except maybe a few. Here is a running list of items, armor, and supplies that will be added and fluctuated according to the prices of the server demands. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARMOR/WEAPONS PvP Armor (Vesta, Statius, Zuriel, Morrigan) - ~15M - 30M ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPLIES Dragon Bones - 40k-80K Lava Dragon Bones - ~100K ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: ALL PRICES ARE ONLY A JUDGEMENT OF THE CURRENT GOING RATE OF A CERTAIN ITEM. ITEM MAY COST MORE OR LESS. PLEASE USE DUE CARE WHEN PURCHASING ITEMS WHEN REGARDING A PRICE GUIDE ON A NEW SERVER. THIS IS ONLY A ROUGH ESTIMATE ON WHAT THE PRICE IS.
  2. Hello, everyone playing Sakra! My name is Levi. I have been in the Runescape and RsPs field for a long time. Long enough to not know what all is new haha! I am an excellent Java developer, along with all website aspects, including but not limited to: CSS, PhP, HTML5, ---> VERY PROTECTED SQL <---, along with multiple other languages that i dabble in. I love playing the game, whether it's the real deal, or a private server. I love the grind and the build of a community. If i am needed for anything, please let me know! 😄 I hope everyone else enjoys the server as much as me.
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